Faith in the East

The departure of the gods’ servants from the Material Realm in the East had a split effect on the population of those left behind. Some took their departure as a sign that the gods no longer held interest in the doings of mortals, and saw further dedicated worship to be nothing more than screaming to the Western Wind. A great number among the population to this day continues to leave the thoughts of the afterlife aside, simply believing that the gods will sort out themselves what reward or punishment is to be given regardless of what one’s deeds would suggest. This mindset seems to be the strongest among the Gnolls and Tengu, though there are proponents among all races of the East.

On the opposite side, there are those who see the gods’ last message as a challenge and test, believing that the time may come when their works will have regained the attention of the gods once more, and their servants would be allowed to walk among them once more. They more than any others give great support to those who seek to ascend through the Spire, believe that those more than any have the greatest chance of regaining the favor of the gods for all peoples of the East.

The third major belief, held almost exclusively by the kobolds of the East, ties to their belief that a group of more powerful entities once ruled the East, before being forced from the land by the god’s trickery. The god’s departure was surely a sign of the Progenitors’ return, and to this day, kobold scholars and sages alike search the histories and seek signs both arcane and divine for their arrival.


The Eastern Spire Denji