Humans are available as presented in the core rules of the Pathfinder RPG.

Humans in the East

“I understand your rage, your hopelessness. Of all the children of the gods, our lot is indeed worst of all! The planars may have been cut off from their heavens and hells, but we have been forgotten by both, and worst, replaced! So what do you say we show them what a mistake they’ve made, my friends?" – Hayck Enris, leader of the failed First-Born Rebellions

Humans find themselves to be in an unusual position; after centuries of dominance, it seems that age may be coming to an end. The explosion of extra-planar bloodlines has lead to more aasimar and tiefling births in the last five decades than any other time in recorded history, and it is rare to find the family line, be it the highest noble or lowest peasant that can honestly claim not to have any celestial blood somewhere along it’s history. The birth of Tidos Aldori has revealed the trace of angelic blood in even this most renowned human bloodline, showing that none are untouched by the Age of the Gods.

This new status quo has varying reactions among the race of man, from acceptance and resignation, to defiance and even direct opposition. Multiple attempts to reforge ‘pure’ bloodline have been attempted over the years, with little success. Others have formed ‘human only’ settlements, with varying success as well; many would crumble at the first cycle of new births, while others have managed to hold on, Alton being the most notable at this day. Other simply go about to prove that it takes more than a dash of celestial heritage to make one’s worth in the world, as shown with the Aldori’s and Capt. Relanu Sydici of the Granite Citadel. Darker rumors speak of groups who see the Spire as the source of their downfall, and even now seek it’s destruction.

Despite the efforts of many, the number of man drop by the year, and to many it is a foregone conclusion that humans may no longer be the dominant force that they had held since time immemorial. But those same lessons from the past show that the worst place one can face against man is when his back is to the wall, and despite the odds against him, and if not by numbers or might, the indomitable will of man will invariably guide him to continue to make his mark on the lands of the East.

- Excerpt from ‘The State of the Spirelands, Vol XXII’ by Niros Retozici

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