The Past

According to legend, the lands of the East were once the walking grounds of entities of the celestial, abyssal and infernal realms. All races of the land lived, worshiped and even warred against these beings from beyond the material plane, and legends arose of those who were gifted access to the higher realms by the angels, demons and devils before death had taken them and given their final rewards…and judgments.

While it is known that is displeased the gods over time, it is not know what deity or act served as the catalyst for the event which scars the East to this very day. What is told in the tales is that at the peak of a nation wide storm that lasted over a month, a massive bolt of lightning struck the ground like a god’s finger, and amidst the electrical fury, a massive stone pillar forced it’s way out of the ground and worked it’s way up into the clouds. At each primary point of the compass rose, a chasm over ten miles wide opened across the land, swallowing forests, towns and rivers alike.

As the ground settled, a massive celestial being appeared in the skies above the East, giving a final message from the upper and lower planes to the land’s people. No longer could mortals receive their eternal reward through the fickle judgment of mere representatives of the god’s will. Only those mortal who showed true worth would be able to achieve their eternal reward before their time, and that the Spire would serve to weed out the unworthy.

In the times since, heroes and villains alike have felt the draw of the Spire, and many more have disappeared into it’s depths, hoping to achieve glory beyond that of the mortal realm. Thus far, none have returned, but the lure of the Spire still holds strong for all those who would aspire for greatness.


The Eastern Spire Denji