Character Generation Guidelines

Standard Character Creation Rules

  • Characters start with the high fantasy point buy (20 pts.) for generation. Dice rolling options will be discussed closer to the game’s start.
  • Characters begin at level three; starting gold will be 3000gp in accordance to average character wealth. If a character possesses the Craft/Profession/Perform skill may make three rolls to add to their starting gold totals.
  • Characters can begin play with two traits, selected either from the four basic trait categories (Combat, Faith, Magic, Social) or from the campaign traits listed on the game wiki. Any other traits that catch your fancy may be selected with reasonable character background and GM approval. I’m not too likely to say no unless you want Rich Parents twice.

East-8 Creation Rules

  • Same as above, with following changes:
  • Characters begin at level one; wealth determined by character class. An average or a rolled amount can be taken as your starting value. One Craft/Profession/Perform roll may be made, and the result added to your starting wealth.
  • Remember when choosing your character that progression will end at level 8.

Character Generation Guidelines

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