Aasimar are available as presented in the Pathfinder Beastiary, with the following modifications:

  • Breath of Experience: Aasimar gain an additional bonus feat at level one.
Aasimar of the East

“Just because I have flaxen hair doesn’t mean I’ve never had to throw a punch. It just means I do so for better reasons than you seem to have found. Seems that I do it a fair better then you as well. So are we going to go to the drunkard’s hole quietly, or am I going to get some more practice in?” – Tairia Greywind, Captain of the Coaston City Guard

The first of the celestial children, aasimar stand as the foremost example of the gods’ hand upon the East in the minds of most all citizens, for better or for worse. Despite that fact that most aasimar in the East today trace their origins to representatives of Elysium or Nirvana rather than the Heavens themselves, the expectation of lawful and good behavior from any aasimar on the street is hopelessly prevalent. Despite it’s stereotypical nature, many aasimar are more than happy to play such a role throughout their lives, satisfied with the rewards of high social standing and reception gained from nothing more than a gleaming smile, a flip of gossamer hair or a sage witticism. Other aasimar, however, are truly playing the role society gives them, and with their natural inclinations towards swaying other to a cause, it is no surprise that the majority of significant (and financially comfortable) positions of economic and political power are held in the alabaster hands of these plane-touched.

Of greater interest than the aasimar who simply take advantage of their natural advantages in the world’s expected role are those who actively rebel against it. Frequently referred to as the Lost, these are the aasimar who fall outside of the stereotype, and frequently enjoy flaunting that fact. From the Flameland’s Dark Angel Ereias, head diplomat of the nominally tiefling-run Saavendale, to River-lord Gastin Leem, the bandit-king of the Riverlands, these are the aasimar who gain whispers as they pass, whispers born from the darkest times in the East, when Jolawin Azimin the Corrupted ruled the better part of three of the East’s quarters before his empire fell apart after his ascension through the Spire. Despite the near inherent goodness than seems to be the forefront of every aasimar’s nature, one can only wonder how much of it serves to hold back their capacity for darkness.

- Excerpt from ‘The State of the Spirelands, Vol XXII’ by Niros Retozici

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