• Melexi Therai

    Melexi Therai

    A former soldier of Savvendale looking to move beyond her ruined reputation.
  • Remnar Thunderfang

    Remnar Thunderfang

    Gnoll outrider who hails from the Flamelands
  • Watanbe, Fumio

    Watanbe, Fumio

    A tengu liguist from the flamelands who's case of schadenfreude is off-putting to most.
  • Cerath Venar

    Cerath Venar

    A young Aasimar soldier out to see the world
  • Ereias Luther

    Ereias Luther

    A dazzling aasimar woman, with an aura of regal authority.
  • Varnias Fenith

    Varnias Fenith

    An forthright tiefling outrider from Fall's Watch